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Deep Blue Software




Deep Blue Soft Ltd is an international well-known Software development company with affiliations in Malta, France and Slovenia. It operates in the field of mobile applications and development of complex B2B software for well-known international companies. Deep Blue was developed with a help of experienced merchant navy captains, Yacht crew members (first officers, chief engineers), as well as yacht managers, financial officers and owner representatives.

Deep Blue is designed with a “KIS” approach (keep it simple). The Software does not need to be installed on users’ computers; it works on Mac and PC through Internet browser, with or without Internet connection on board. All crew members, but also managers, Owner’s representatives and Owners, can access their Deep Blue account at any moment from any place.

Deep Blue services run on highly secured servers, hosted at a professional ISP, accessible 24/7 from any computer, tablets and soon on mobile phones. Confidentiality of the data on Deep Blue servers is an essential element; therefore all levels of security have been incorporated, with dedicated secured servers including limited access levels depending on each user’s position and function, and back ups every hour.

Deep Blue has now opened new offices in France (Sophia Antipolis - Cannes) to get closer to their Clients based in the south of France and in Italy.