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Invictus Yacht

Invictus was born from a challenge: to offer a new reference point for pleasure boat-building yards to the world yachting market. It's not at all by chance that the new symbol chosen for the yard represents the eternal values of beauty, strength, protection and trust, all supported by tradition and experience in the nautical sector.

Invictus features several different lines, among which the GT, FX and TT models, all conceived and built according to the qualities that have made Italian pleasure-boat shipyards the most appreciated in the world: esthetics, dependability, flexibility and a long lifespan.

Thanks to the collaboration with the famous Christian Grande DesignWorks office, Invictus has incorporated a remarkable technology component and a careful attention to details into the design. These elements give us a clear conception of the yacht: elegant and comfortable, state of the art equipment and attentive detailing, able to deal with every type of use and sea state.